Principle of convection heater

2020-07-06 17:05

When the inlet and outlet are blocked or the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature control element will automatically cut off the power of the electric heating tube. This electric heater uses about 800 watts of power, and the power can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of electric heating tubes connected.

Convection electric heaters use aerodynamic principles to make heating from bottom to top, natural convection.


This heater has an air outlet on the shell and an air inlet below. After energization, the air around the heating tube is heated up and flows out from the air outlet, and the surrounding cold air enters and replenishes from the air inlet. Such repeated cycles increase the indoor temperature.

Pros and consedit

The advantages of the electric heater are that it meets the needs of ergonomic comfort and uses natural convection heat exchange of air; second, it has high safety performance and quiet operation; third, it is not dry. The disadvantage is that the temperature rises slowly.