Matters needing attention when using greenhouse and warm fan

2020-07-05 17:10

Matters needing attention when using greenhouse and warm fan

Do you understand the matters needing attention when using the greenhouse and warm fan? Now let's think about it together.

Warning: There is a risk of fire, burns, and gas poisoning when the greenhouse and the fan are heated. According to the recommendations in this manual, the greenhouse and warm fan should be kept at a safe distance from flammable materials such as building materials, paper or cardboard. Do not use paint thinner, dust particles, volatile fuel or unknown chemicals. Use heaters in the material space. This is a tubeless portable air heater that can draw air (oxygen) from the place of use and must be ventilated and ventilated during use.

Warning: Do not operate the greenhouse and warm fan by yourself before reading and fully understanding this safety manual. Abuse of this product may result in death, serious personal injury, property damage or smoke pollution, suffocation and poisoning caused by fire. Only people who read and understand this operation manual can use and repair the greenhouse and warm fan.

General danger warning: Please follow the instructions and warnings of the greenhouse and warm fan, otherwise it may cause death, serious personal injury and property damage. Fire may cause suffocation, poisoning, etc.

Only people who understand the operating instructions can use and repair the greenhouse and warm fan. If you need information about greenhouses and warm fans, such as instructions, labels, etc., please contact the manufacturer.

You can not use the greenhouse and warm fan in the living area or closed place with poor air circulation.

Local residents: The use of this product containing carbon monoxide will produce combustion by-products that may cause other life hazards. The greenhouse plus warm fan is composed of three parts: blower, heater and control circuit. The working principle is as follows:

After being energized, the blower blows air into the heater to make the air pass uniformly from the inside and outside of