Convection heater

2020-07-05 17:08

Electric heaters are inseparable from our lives. Some houses have large spaces and need to choose convection heaters with high power, so as to meet the needs of users. For some users, the area of the house is slightly smaller, and you can buy a heater with a general power for the user. The following small series introduces the advantages and disadvantages of convection heaters.

1. Brief introduction of convection heater

In fact, convection heaters are manufactured using the principle of aerodynamics, which is a kind of heater that forms the convection phenomenon of air from bottom to top. The upper part of this heater is the air outlet, and the lower part of the heater is the air inlet. Since the heating is circulated downward, most of the cold air is accumulated below. After being energized, the electric heating tube will heat causing the surrounding air to heat up and circulate downward, and then be discharged to our surroundings through the air outlet. And when the outside air is lacking, there will be cold air through the air inlet below to stop replenishing, and then stop heating again. The reciprocating cycle constitutes a heating cycle.

Second, the principle of convection heater

Working principle: Convection electric heaters use aerodynamic principles to make heating from bottom to top, natural convection. Durability is good: this heater has an air outlet on the shell and an air inlet below. After energization, the air around the electric heating tube is heated and rises, and flows out from the air outlet, and the surrounding cold air enters and replenishes from the air inlet. Such repeated cycles allow the indoor temperature to improve. When the inlet and outlet are blocked or the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature control element will automatically cut off the power of the electric heating tube. The power of this electric heater is about 800 watts, and the power can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of electric heating tubes connected.

3. Advantages of convection